About the MLJ

The Maritime Law Journal is a biannual law journal accompanied by an annual survey of Ninth Circuit cases pertaining to maritime law. The Journal is specifically designed as a practical guide where practitioners can gain information on the latest developments in maritime law. The Journal‘s student Board of Editors selects topics that incorporate practitioners’ concerns about current maritime issues, recent statutory changes, and case law developments.

The all-student staff researches, edits, and cite checks the submitted articles. Every member of the Board of Editors has taken at least a general course in maritime law, while others have taken courses on the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, Marine Insurance, and Maritime Environmental Law. Additionally, the Maritime Law Journalcoordinates maritime externships with local maritime law firms and also sponsors two teams to compete each year in the Judge John R. Brown National Admiralty Moot Court Competition.

The Journal receives substantial support and assistance from its Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors is comprised of practitioners in the maritime legal community from around the country, international maritime practitioners, and USF School of Law faculty members. The Journal‘s Board of Advisors advises the student Board of Editors on topic selection, issues relating to practice in the maritime field, the organization and dissemination of the legal publication, and the maintenance and development of relations within the maritime community.

The Journal accepts article submissions from practitioners, professors, and students.

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