Board of Advisors

Permanent Members of the Board

Forrest Booth Edward M. Bull, III
Stanley L. Gibson Rupert P. Hansen, Jr.
Prof. Thomas J. Schoenbaum Graydon S. Staring
Prof. William Tetley, Q.C. R. Michael Underhill

Term Continuing Until May 2010

Talcott N. Bates Denise S. Blocker
Lizabeth L. Burrell Charles M. Davis
John D. Edgcomb Thomas C. Fitzhugh, III
Beverly Lamberson Howard M. McCormack
Phillip R. Lempriere Mia C. Perachiotti-Germack
Kevin B. Smith Thomas J. Wagner
Jamie L. Webb

Term Continuing Until May 2011

Eugene A. Brodsky Brian Carideo
Eric Danoff Mark K. de Langis
B. Otis Felder Stephen G. Flynn
John R. Hillsman D. Thomas McCune
Raymond M. Paetzold Gregory M. Poulos
Marva Jo Wyatt Steven G. Warner

USF School of Law Faculty Advisors

Dean Jeffrey S. Brand Professor John Adler
Professor Reza Dibadj

About Our Board

The Maritime Law Journal Board of Advisors is comprised of leading practitioners and academics practicing and teaching maritime law in the United States and Canada. We are fortunate to have assembled such a distinguished group of professionals, who routinely provide invaluable insight to the Journal each season. Our advisors assist with advice regarding submitted publications and frequently submit their own manuscripts, helping to continue the tradition of quality publication at the Journal.

Becoming a Member of the Board

As of the 2009-10 term, our Board of Advisors may be comprised of up to 20% permanent members. To be eligible for Permanent Status, an advisor must have served at least five consecutive two-year terms and must receive 75% of the votee in the election for which they are contending for the status. The additional members of our Board each serve a two year term, at which time he/she can be re-elected for unlimited additional terms. The terms of service are staggered, with roughly half the Board coming up for election each May. Candidates are nominated by an advisory committee comprised of the current Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, the Dean of the USF School of Law, and the Vice-Chair of the Board. If you are interested in being nominated for the Board of Advisors, or you know someone who might be interested in serving, please submit a resume and cover letter to the Maritime Law Journal, care of the Editor-in-Chief. We will consider every nomination carefully.

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