The USF Maritime Law Journal is involved in many maritime and admiralty law events:

Board of Advisors Meeting

January 17, 2012

Pacific Admiralty Seminar 2012


October 4-5, 2012 (during Fleet Week and the Blue Angels Arrival Maneuvers practice in advance of the Blue Angels Weekend Air Show)

This two-day legal seminar is the preeminent maritime continuing education event on the West Coast.  This year we will be offering credit for insurance professionals.

Topics this year will include:

o   The Latest Developments in Maritime Personal Injury
o   Shifting Legal Currents After DEEPWATER HORIZON
o   Changing Seas in the Law of 21st Century Shipping
o   Other current issues affecting the maritime industry

Please visit for past seminar brochures and additional details.


CLE SEMINAR:The Advanced Jones Act Seminar 2010

Date: April 23rd, 2010

Description: The Advanced Jones Act Seminar is the only program that presents the most current cases and trends in seamen’s litigation in a single-day course. Suitable for adjusters, supervisors, attorneys, and underwriters, this program explores in detail the fallout from the Supreme Court’s decisions on vessel status, punitive damages, and maintenance & cure. In addition, attention is given to electronic discovery, use of the internet for maritime litigation purposes, and changes in federal rules for pleading and maritime practice.

The course will examine parameters of seamen’s status, including concurrent claims made by maritime workers for both Longshore benefits and seamen’s tort remedies. Strategies for resolving claims that involve insurance coverage including overlapping or conflicting coverage will also be explored. The course will review current trends in damages, including punitive damages, for maritime personal injury suits and liens asserted for child support, third-party health care, and also present the current state of the law regarding Medicare and settlements.

About the Instructor: Thomas C. Fitzhugh III received his J.D. (with honors) from the University of Texas. A Houston based maritime attorney with 27 years of experience handling longshore claims, Mr. Fitzhugh, is also president of The Longshore Institute and the principal seminar presenter. He became editor of the Longshore Newsletter in 1996 and supervises the updates of the Longshore Procedure Manual and the Brahm Court Index.

Proctor Member of the Maritime Law Association, Mr. Fitzhugh has written and spoken nationally on maritime topics throughout his legal career and has edited International Perspectives in Maritime Security. Mr. Fitzhugh serves as General Counsel to the Maritime Security Council, advising shipping companies on maritime security matters, and is an adjunct professor of maritime Law at Texas A & M University.

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