Student Opportunities


The University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal offers students several opportunities in the areas of maritime and admiralty law:

EDITORIAL POSITIONS: The University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal is one of two student-run maritime law journals in the country. Student staff members research, edit, and cite check the submitted articles for accuracy. The student Board of Editors consists of various editorial and managerial positions, including:

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Executive Articles Editor
  • Managing Editors
  • Literary Editors
  • Survey Editors
  • Index Editors
  • Business Editors
  • Technical Editors
  • Senior Editors
  • Associate Editors

The Board of Editors is chosen annually by the preceding Board. Various positions are available for current students. Students chosen for the Board must take a Maritime Law class. Students who are interested in joining the Board are encouraged to volunteer as a technical editor for the spring semester of their 1L year.

Recruitment tabling takes place in mid fall semester. However, any student may submit their interest to the Literary Editor at any time prior to the tabling event. 1L students may state their interest at any time, but will only be permitted to work on the Spring edition in their 1L year.

MOOT COURT: The Journal sponsors two teams each spring to compete in the Judge John R. Brown National Admiralty Moot Court Competition. The 2012 competition is scheduled for March 22 through March 24 at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

EXTERNSHIPS: The Journal organizes maritime externships for interested students. As part of the program, the Journal places students who have worked on the Journal into externship positions at local maritime firms. The only requirement for the externship program is that they have worked for the Journal as a technical editor or Board Member. Priority is given to Board of Editors.